Spirit is one of the four primary Attributes. It is a measure of how connected the Noble is to his or her Imperator. Spirit is roughly analogous to the 'magic' statistic in other games, as it governs the mystical nature of the Noble.

Spirit RulesEdit


  • Spirit 0: Candleflame
  • Spirit 1: Hearthfire
  • Spirit 2: Incandescent Flame
  • Spirit 3: Sunfire
  • Spirit 4: Conflagration
  • Spirit 5: Inferno


This is a Nobles spiritual shield, protecting him from the miracles of his enemies. It exists in addition to the immunity of the Nobilis from miracles directly targetting their persons. For each level of Spirit that the Noble possesses, his enemies must pay a MP in Penetration to successfully create any effect within a few feet of him.

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