Types of WeaponsEdit

Most weapons deal Serious damage, ranging from Normal to Severe damage. Only on rare cases a weapon deals either Dire or Excrutiating damage while ungifted. Gifts can increase the deadliness of a weapon to a certain extent. A weapon that deals naturaly Severe damage, when affected by a gift that changes it's deadlyness to Severe, only the natural deadliness aplies.

Weapon Type: Damage

Axes: Serious/Deadly

Swords: Serious

Hammers: Surface/Serious/Deadly

Staves: Surface

Daggers: Surface/Deadly

Pistols: Serious

Shotguns: Serious/Deadly

Rifles: Serious/Deadly

Bows: Serious/Deadly

Crossbow: Serious/Deadly

Spears: Serious

Gauntlets: Surface/Serious

Greaves: Surface/Serious

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